About Insurance Brokers

Most people buy insurance for security and peace of mind whilst others purchase because they are legally and/or contractually obliged to do so. Unfortunately, the majority of those people don’t know what exact cover is required to protect against the risks they face. That’s usually followed by putting the policy away for safekeeping without actually reading and understanding it. At Clendinning Claim Consultants, we firmly believe that anyone seeking insurance should do so through an Insurance Broker. By doing so, the customer will get the correct advice and cover for the keenest price. In addition, when claims occur, the Insurance Broker offers essential guidance and support.

For several years now, our staff have looked after the property claim customer base of many Insurance Brokers. Our Broker partners recognise that, when a claim occurs, it’s another opportunity to prove their worth for a client and to strengthen, rather than potentially break, a relationship. By outsourcing the property damage cases to Clendinning Claim Consultants, the Broker can always rest assured that each case is being monitored at the coal face by appropriately qualified and experienced FCA authorised Professionals.

In each case, no matter what the complexity or scale, we assist the Insured & Broker throughout the life cycle of the claim. Our aim is to ensure that the Insurer (or their representative) interprets the policy cover correctly and essentially, that the appropriate amount is paid for the loss/damage sustained. Our knowledge of the industry and our renowned efficiency means that we’re able to cut out delays and hasten the claim process.

If you are a Broker or Intermediary and feel that our service would ‘add value’ to your business, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.


Our Broker and Intermediary Partners


You were a tower of strength, Thank you

L Black, Strangford

I can’t thank you enough Brian for your professionalism and expertise. I will certainly broadcast your skills next time I hear of someone in a similar predicament.

D McIlwaine, Ballymena

Stuart first of all I am relieved to have your team as our consultants as you are making this very stressful journey more manageable.

L Gough